Respecting ancient gestures

Pepe in grani is a place where you can slow down and think about an ancient popular food, where a disc of dough can convey the flavours of Alto Casertano and about the passion of a modern artisan, Here, you will not find frentic pace: we work in compliance with ancient gestures in order to create a timeless flavour pizza.

  • Name
  • Franco Pepe

    is a modern artisan fond of the art of pizza. His competence is based on the experience of three generations of master bakers, developed over the years and enriched with passion and devotion for the dough that has made Franco famous worldwide. Caiazzo (the small town where he wokrs) has become an international reference point for all the lovers of the most famous 'Italiana' in the world.


The Pizza

Franco Pepe's pizza is the result of accurate searchs and incessant experimentations with different flours, masterfully mixed to create a tasty, scented, light dough, always hand made.

His method has no fixed rules, it is based on ancient gestures and variable flour combinations according to gluten quantity, strenght of flour, humidity and external temperature.


Pepe in Grani

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  • Opening time

    Closed on Monday.
    Open every evening from Tuesday to Sunday from 19.00.
    Open for lunch on Sunday (except summer months).

  • Address

    Vico S. Giovanni Battista, 3
    81013 Caiazzo (CE) Italy
    GPS Coordinates
    41°10'38.0"N 14°21'56.6"E

  • Contact

    Phone +39 0823 862718
    Phone +39 0823 1764940

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