1° CLASSIFICATO 50 TOP PIZZA 2018 | Pepe in Grani

“50 Top Pizza” reconfirms Pepe in Grani as the best pizza place in Italy and in the world

For the second year in a row, the first on line guide to the best pizza places in the world “50 Top Pizza”, crowns Franco Pepe and his team.
«It’s a great emotion, exciting. I dedicate the prize to all the people that believed in me, to those who every day accompany and support me in all what I’m doing, and especially to young people who start a route full of very important and essential milestones: believe in your ideas, in your dreams, create, do not imitate, ban the quitter attitude for obtaining something, inform yourselves and form yourselves. Be curious, stand out yourselves and follow your vocation. Believe, firmly and with passion, in your idea that won’t let you win, but it lets you over-win. As it happened to me today!»