The pizzeria - Pepe In Grani

The Rooms

An intimate and comfortable environment where you will spend a quiet evening and engage in an outstanding enogastronomic journey.

The Veranda

Carved among ancient walls of ancient buildings, the Veranda of Pepe in Grani offers an ideal space to spend your summer evenings savouring our gourmet proposals while enjoying the fresh air of the warm season, sheltered by a new modern structure.

“Belvedere” Panoramic Room

To taste a pizza while admiring the sun setting over the beautiful valleys of Caiazzo or diving in the romantic moonlight. The “Belvedere” room is the ideal location for a delightful evening with friends or a romantic tête-à-tête.

Tasting Room

The location for the true gourmet: immerse in a unique enogastronomic experience, involving your senses. Not only the masterful tastings proposed by Franco Pepe will engage your senses of touch and smell, but witnessing the live making of all the creations will give you further unforgivable sensations