Authentica - Pepe In Grani


... is an emotion to share in intimacy. “I remember my father, i worked behind a wooden desk. I was able to look all tables. I like to come back to intimacy of my job”.

A place for coming back to the roots, where we can listen to, we can meditate, we can create. A place where it is possible to form, to learn and to research. A place to live with intimacy, exclusively, for enhancing flavours, to deepen, to reconcile ourselves, for giving room to the human relationship.

It's not an invitation to slow down. In Caiazzo light and fire never switch off. The room has been obtained in the last space available at the little building vico San Giovanni Battista, at top floor, adjacent to the guest rooms. Not by chance, an idea that drives towards the ospitality.

The pizza, the job, the human contact

A table for 8 persons, a workbench for the pizza chef and an oven. Iron, wood and stone just the used materials. A genuine ambience, “to discover myself, and the job that comes back to be the leading actor”