Pepe in Grani

Pepe in Grani is the new project of Franco Pepe. It is the meeting point between his desire of experiment and his long standing experience as a passionate baker. Pizza, research and hospitality are fundamental. Pepe in Grani opens a gastronomic window onto the territory, the gastronomic traditions and the excellent productions of Alto Casertano. A palace of the VIII century has been restored by Arch. Beniamino Di Fusco, it has two floors and an external area. On request and only for small groups, it is possible to dine on the terrace, surrounded by the hills, enjoying the picturesque landscape. Here, you can find ancient traditions such as the fragrant pizza “a libretto” (that can be folded like a booklet), the 'madia' (wooden box to make the dough) or the steel stove, that keeps pizza 'a libretto' warm so they can be offered to the guests waiting for a table.

  • The territory

  • The dough

  • Pepe in Grani

  • Continuous research

    Franco Pepe's mastery is guarded in his hands and making the best dough is his everyday challenge. No ready-made flour mix: just the artisan's touch to measure the right "consistency of dough".

    The pizza preparation is not bound to any form of technology because the dough is hand made in the 'madia' (traditional wooden box) and naturally risen at room temperature.


A glance at the territory

On reservation, Pepe In Grani organizes guided tours for small groups of journalists and gastronomic experts, in order to discover landscapes, flavours and products of Alto Casertano region.

The tour can last one or more days, it is mainly intended for those who don't live in Campania. It is a perfect way to show all the producers and products selected by Franco Pepe and used on his pizzas, in order to promote the territory and the gastronomic traditions of Caiazzo.

  • The products

    Always searching for excellent and representative products from Alto Casertano, Franco Pepe makes his pizzas with the flavours of the region, promoting the spread of noteworthy products and producers. All ingredients and products on the menu are personally sought and selected by Franco and follow the seasonality, just like his pizzas and “ripieni (stuffed calzone)”. The menu is simple and strongly tied to tradition and local products, the wine and beers list too. Menu includes pizzas and stuffed calzoni, cured meats and cheeses from Alto Casertano, fries and nearly disused popular dishes, like stockfish, pancotto (a simple Italian bread soup) and soffritto.

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    Closed on Monday.
    Open every evening from Tuesday to Sunday from 19.00.
    Open for lunch on Sunday (except summer months).

  • Address

    Vico S. Giovanni Battista, 3
    81013 Caiazzo (CE) Italy
    GPS Coordinates
    41°10'38.0"N 14°21'56.6"E

  • Contact

    Phone +39 0823 862718
    Phone +39 0823 1764940

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